The firm

Since its foundation in 1969, Sefrioui Law Firm has played a role in several historic cases involving the international economic relations between the Western countries and the Arab world, that represent our core area of expertise.

In causes ranging from the legal defense of developing countries in litigations regarding the exportation of contaminated blood products to the implementation of public development policies in emerging markets, from the compensation of victims of terrorism acts to the enforcement of United Nations resolutions involving international peace and security, our firm has been privileged to contribute to the settlement of international disputes through the application of the rule of law, in a constant accordance with the sovereign equality of States and with due respect to the values and principles of humanism.

Our practice is renowned for its proficiency in international arbitration, and has represented, over the last thirty years, States, State-owned entities and private sector companies in proceedings subject to numerous governing laws and under the rules of the major arbitration institutions.

In recent years, our practice has also advised on a broad range of business transactions, involving large scale infrastructure projects in Africa and in the Arab world, international public markets and public service concessions, foreign investment, industrial partnerships, technology transfers, project finance, as well as international trade, commodities and various matters relating to aviation and maritime law.

Our core practice features the following areas of expertise :

  • International arbitration and litigation
  • International transactions and contracts
  • Public international law and State responsibility
  • Arab legal practice