State responsibility and sovereignty

Our public international law practice notably features the following expertises :

States :

  • Sovereignty, imperium
  • Privilèges et immunités
  • State and State entities, State officers

Sovereign immunities :

  • Immunity from juridiction
  • Immunity from execution
  • Emanation of the State
  • Scope of immunities, public service, industrial and commercial activities of the State

State responsibility :

  • Transnational disputes
  • International disputes

Armed conflicts, revolutions, civil and military unrest :

  • Force majeure, consequences over ongoing contracts
  • Protection of foreign investment
  • Successions of States, of political regimes
  • State continuity

International sanctions :

  • Financial sanctions, asset freezes
  • Commercial embargoes
  • Arms embargoes
  • Force majeure, consequences over ongoing international contracts

Law of international treaties

International law of spaces :

  • Territorial sovereignty
  • International law of the sea
  • International air law
  • Use of natural resources

Intergovernmental organisations :

  • Intergovernmental organisations law
  • Privileges and immunities