Shipping and ports

Our maritime law practice features the following areas of expertise :

Shipbuilding and ship transactions :

  • Shipbuilding contracts
  • Vessel sale agreements
  • Maintenance and repair contracts

Chartering and freight shipping :

  • Bareboat charter, time charter, voyage charter
  • Charter parties (inc. BIMCO etc.)
  • Bills of lading
  • Sea waybills, non-negotiable instruments
  • Shipbroking

Regulation :

  • Law of the sea
  • International maritime regulations (SOLAS, IMO etc.)
  • Dangerous goods, noxious substances
  • Ship registration, law of the flag
  • Port authorities
  • Customs regulations
  • International labour law (inc. ILO and MLC)
  • Embargoes and international sanctions

Marine insurance :

  • Hull and machinery insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • P&I Clubs
  • Special risks

Cargo claims and transport litigation :

  • Freight claims, cargo loss and damage
  • Demurrage claims
  • Other shipping delays
  • Cargo shrinkage, freinte de mer
  • Payment failures and general contractual issues

Accidents at sea and liabiities :

  • General average regime
  • Assistance at sea and towing
  • Vessel loss and abandonment, shipwrecks
  • Averages, incidents, fires
  • Collisions, ship grounding
  • Cargo loss and damage
  • Ship damages
  • Damages to infrastructure and third party property
  • Environmental damages

Dispute resolution :

  • Maritime arbitration
  • Judicial and administrative litigation
  • Interim and conservatory measures, emergency proceedings
  • Technical expertises

Execution proceedings and maritime securities :

  • Arrest and seizure of sea-going ships, actions in rem
  • Ship mortgages and maritime privileges

Maritime infrastructure and ports