Shipping and ports

In recent matters, our maritime law practice :

  • Port construction

    Represented a North African State against an Italian industrial group in an international arbitration of an outstanding complexity, in relation to the construction of one of the largest industrial harbours on the Mediterranean. The arbitration involved both the performance and the modification of the public market. Our firm was successful in obtaining, on the ground of the FIDIC clauses and of the national administrative law, that the contractor be held liable for construction defects and the abandonment of the building site. Our firm also successfully obtained the dismissal of all the requests for revision and annulment filed by the contractor against the arbitral awards rendered in this case.

  • Port construction

    Represented the largest fishing company in a North African country against an American engineering conglomerate in an ICC arbitration sited in Paris, regarding the construction of several fish canning factories. This case, of an outstanding legal interest, gave raise to substantial developments of the French jurisprudence on arbitration, notably in respect of the confidentiality of the proceedings and of the admissibility of requests for annulment against the different types of orders rendered by an arbitral tribunal (definition of the concept of award).

  • Charter-parties / Crude oil shipping

    Advised a Swiss trading company on the implementation of a logistical infrastructure for the shipping and storage of crude oil between the Arab world, Europe and Asia (including charter-parties, bills of lading and rotations, storage, offshore transshipping, Q&Q inspections etc.).

  • Events at sea

    Represented a Middle Eastern importer and its insurer against a leading French shipping company, a Chinese shipper, a Lebanese trading company and their respective insurers in an international litigation in relation to the destruction of 700 tonnes of flammable chemical products caused by the occurrence of a fire during the transportation at high sea, under a CFR sale and a marine bill of lading. This case raised issues in relation to the rescue of the ship and its reroutal to Sri Lanka, the application of the rules on general average (York-Antwerp Rules), as well as the obligations of the shipper and the carrier in respect of the maritime transportation of dangerous goods (IMDG) and the subsequent liabilities (Hague-Visby Rules).

  • Sea transport

    Represented a Middle Eastern exporter against a French importer in an ICC arbitration in relation to the bacterial contamination of agricultural products during their carriage under a marine bill of lading and a CFR sale.

  • Sea transport

    Represented a State-owned entity, first agricultural exporter of a North African country, against a French importer in a litigation in relation to several annual campaigns of exportation of agricultural and agro-industrial products to France.

  • Maritime attachments

    Represented a maritime company in an international litigation regarding the arrest and attachment of several ships in Greece.