Poles magazine

In 1996, under the direction of Abdelhay Sefrioui and in collaboration with eminent contributors, Sefrioui Law Firm initiated the publication of Poles magazine, a periodical dedicated to the analysis of the political and social evolutions in the Arab world and in Africa.

This section features an index of the matters that were investigated in the three editions of the magazine.

Pôles n°1, 1996 :

  • Editorial : Speaking aloud, by Abdelhay Sefrioui
  • The fiftieth anniversary of the UNO : two witnesses, by Boubaker Adjali
  • Ethics and politics : the United States and the UNO, interview of Andrew Young
  • The African presidency of the UNO, interview of Amara Essy
  • Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar : the Spanish contradictions, by Attilio Gaudio
  • Energy and co-development in Mediterrannea, by Philippe Simonnot
  • Africa : the impeded development, by J. Nishingwa
  • The Senegal river, basin of integration, by Abdullaye Wade
  • Lebanon reconquering the Arab hinterland : interview of Rafic Hariri, by Marc Yared
  • Turkey : waiting for Europe, by Eric Rouleau
  • The Arab countries, the lacks of the governance, by Ghazi Hidouci
  • Tunisia : Ben Ali and his middle class, by Jean-Philippe Bras

Pôles n°2, 1996 :

  • Editorial : Globalization and crisis in Africa and in Orient, by Abdelhay Sefrioui
  • Embargoes : the economic weapon, a privileged instrument, cowritten
  • The sanctions, a weapon to resolve international conflicts, by Sabah Al-Mukhtar
  • Cuba, between the embargo and despair, by Jorge Masetti
  • Iraq, between war and the embargo, by Abdel Amir Al Rikaby
  • The debt crisis : nothing is settled, cowritten
  • The Bretton Woods system and debt management, by Michael Aoum
  • The third world debts and financing for development : a situation report, by the AITEC (International Association of Technicians, Experts and Researchers)
  • Which Africa for the twenty-first century ?, by Abdalla Bujra
  • Economies under adjustment and popular economies, by Jacques Bugnicourt
  • The decline of the Arab banks in France, by Akhram Hassan
  • Syria : the secrets of a longevity, by Nahla Chahal
  • The Jordanian regime, flexibility and adaptation, by Abu Amr Ziad

Pôles n°3, 1996 :

  • Editorial : In honor of Abdelhay Sefrioui, by Ghazi Hidouci
  • Globalization and culture, from excesses to opportunities, debate between Kiflé Selassie Beseat, Yoro Fall and Ghazi Hidouci
  • The economic thought in the time of globalization : the end of alternatives ? by Christian Tutin
  • Globalization and financialisation, by Samir Amin
  • Economic globalization and social progress, by Jacques Gaudot
  • The Euro-Mediterranean axis, by Rudolph el-Kareh
  • Some reflexions on the Maghreb and its future, by Abdelhay Sefrioui and Ghazi Hidouci
  • Child labor, the exploited childhood, cowritten
  • Anti-personnel mines and new armed conflicts, cowritten
  • The promotion of International humanitarian law, by Cornelio Sommaruga
  • Electronic communication networks in Africa, by Olivier Coeur de Roy