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72 boulevard de Courcelles

75017 Paris


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Our Paris office, overlooking Parc Monceau, is the historical hub of our firm since 1969 and provides a full range of legal services in our core sectors of international business law, investments and international trade.

Our office is renowned for its proficiency in international arbitration and has represented, over the last thirty years, States, State-owned entities and private sector companies in proceedings subject to various governing laws and under the rules of the major arbitration institutions.

Our office is also noted for its accomplishments in Public international law and its expertise in specific areas of this field, including Treaty law, State responsbility, sovereign immunities as well as trade embargoes and international sanctions.

Our Arab legal practice is sought by clients for its extensive knowledge of the Arab world and its capabilities of intervention throughout most of the jurisdicitions in the Gulf, in the Middle East and in Maghreb.

Our Paris office also provides a reach in major Common law jurisidictions (Washington DC, London), as well as in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore).

Practice areas :

Our Paris office provides services in the following areas :

  • International arbitration and litigation
  • International transactions and contracts
  • Corporate structures and finance
  • International legal enforcement
  • Arab legal practice
  • Public international law and State responsibility
  • International trade and commodities
  • International investment and public markets
  • Construction and public works
  • Shipping and ports
  • Aviation