Legal areas

Our firm provides a full range of legal services in international law and business law, including five substantial practices as well as a regional desk dedicated to the countries of the Arab world.

The following pages feature examples of our recent work and capabilities in these legal areas.

International arbitration and litigation :

Our dispute resolution practice provides representation services in international litigation, before both State courts and arbitral tribunals. Our office is renowned for its proficiency in international arbitration and has represented, over the last thirty years, States, State-owned entities and private sector companies. Our practice has an extensive training in complex controversies, primarily in the field of construction projects, international investment, finance, aviation and maritime law, as well as in general commercial matters.

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Public international law and State responsibility :

Our practice also advises governments on matters of public international law, including State responsibility, sovereign immunities, successions of States, law of treaties as well as trade embargoes and international sanctions.

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Arab legal practice :

Our Arab legal practice provides our clients with a thorough knowledge of both the legal and economic environment of the countries of the Arab world. With fourty years of experience in the field, our firm features one of the most ancient Arab legal practices in Europe, and provides counseling and representation services in the full range of civil, commercial and administrative matters, as well as strategic relations with major operators in several industries.

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International transactions and contracts :

Our practice provides legal advice on most types of international transactions, and has an extensive experience of contracts involving international trade, commodities, international investment and equity, construction, inter-company partnerships, project finance, intellectual property and technology transfers, as well as international public markets and public sector contracts.

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Corporate structures and finance :

Our corporate practice offers an integrative expertise in corporate law, financial law, tax law and accountancy, and advises operators on the implementation of dedicated solutions, with respect to investment operations, corporate restructuring and corporate finance. Our practice focuses specifically on operations in Europe and in the Arab world.

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International legal enforcement :

Our practice finally offers specific know-how in the field of execution proceedings and international legal investigation, and routinely takes cross-border actions for the purpose of debt collection, security realization, as well as the enforcement of court orders and arbitral awards.

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