International transactions and contracts

Our practice assists corporates in structuring and negotiating their international contracts.

In recent years, we have handled several types of transactions, including international sales of commodities and manufactured products, infrastructure and construction projects, real estate transactions, equity operations and international investments, industrial partnerships, as well as public services concessions, and technology transfers.

Our practice advises on the full range of legal issues relating to the negotiation and the execution of contracts :

  • Precontractual negotiations and preparatory contracts
  • Contractual instruments
  • Administrative regulations and public order
  • Adaptation and renegotiation of contracts, hardship
  • Force majeure and suspension of contracts
  • Breach of contract and remedies
  • Interim and conservatory measures
  • Technical expertises
  • Termination of contracts
  • Dispute resolution and execution proceedings

Focus areas :

We have experience with contracts used in the following areas and industries :

  • Investment and equity
  • International trade and commodities
  • International services
  • Public markets and international public sector contracts
  • Infrastructure and construction
  • Partnerships and subcontracting
  • Agency agreements, franchises
  • Intellectual property and technology transfers
  • Transports and logistics
  • Insurance and finance
  • Real estate