International investment and public markets

Our practice in international investment and public markets features the following areas of expertise :

International investments :

  • International contracts
  • Permanent establishments and subsidiaries
  • Equity investments
  • Other assets : debt securities, incorporeal rights

International public markets :

  • Public procurement and tendering procedures
  • Negotiated procedures
  • International public sector contracts
  • Public works and public service contracts

Protection of foreign investment :

  • Bilateral investment treaties (BIT)
  • Multilateral treaties
  • General international law
  • Fair and equitable treatment standard
  • Most favoured nation treatment, national treatment

Expropriation and equivalent measures :

  • Expropriation
  • Indirect expropriation, confiscatory measures
  • Discriminatory measures
  • Public policy and sector regulations
  • Other legal and regulatory measures

Political risks :

  • Destruction and looting of investments, other damages
  • Wars, armed conflicts, revolutions and rebellions
  • Civil unrest
  • State of emergency
  • Protection of investments, obligations of the host State
  • Acts of third parties, private violence

Dispute resolution :

  • Investor-State arbitration
  • Judicial litigation
  • Interim and conservatory measures, emergency proceedings