Our legal practice advises clients in a broad range of industries and sectors, some of which are presented here.

The following pages feature examples of our recent work and capabilities in each of these sectors.

International trade and commodities :

Our practice has thirty years' experience of trade exchanges between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arab world and advises on all the legal aspects of international transactions, including the key sectors of crude oil and commodities trading. Our clients range from trading operators to financial institutions and shipping companies, that we both assist as counsel, and represent in litigations and other proceedings.

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International investment and public markets :

Our practice has represented governments and investors in several investment-related matters and offers an extensive expertise in the specific field of international public markets and public sector contracts. Our practice also has a broad experience in the various instruments and proceedings governing the protection of international investments, in particular in the jurisdictions of the Arab world, where we have handled numerous litigations.

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Construction and public works :

Our practice has thirty-five years of experience in construction litigation and international construction contracts, and offers a specific expertise in public works contracts. Over the years, our practice has advised and represented contractors and governments in several large and mid-scale projects, most of them located in Africa and in the Arab world.

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Shipping and ports :

We have an active shipping and maritime law practice that includes the representation of shipping companies, shipowners, charterers and trading companies in all matters and litigations involving the carriage of goods and commodities by sea. Our practice also provides a specific expertise in the field of port construction and shipbuilding contracts.

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Aviation :

Our practice finally advises airlines and other operators on transactions and proceedings related to air transport and civil aviation. Our practice has thirty years of experience in the aviation industry, and has represented clients in major litigations, involving aviation accidents, or international sanctions and embargoes.

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