Corporate structures and finance

Our corporate practice offers an integrative expertise in corporate law, financial law, tax law and accountancy, and advises operators on the implementation of dedicated solutions, with respect to investment operations, corporate restructuring and corporate finance.

Our practice has an extensive experience of matters involving multinational corporations, and has acted as counsel for banks and financial institutions from the Arab world, as well as airlines, construction companies and various State-owned and private sector companies.

Our expertise covers multiple situations and transactions, including the incorporation of simple and complex legal entities, stock acquisitions, corporate restructurings, equity and debt financing, as well as financial difficulty and insolvency proceedings.

In this respect, our practice provides advice and representation in both Civil law and Common law systems.

Our practice also advises on specific issues of corporate law, in particular international group taxation, investors rights and corporate governance.

Our practice finally represents clients in litigation proceedings relating to these legal issues.

Focus areas :

Our practice features the following expertises :

  • Corporate law
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate groups
  • International taxation
  • Equity investment, stock sales, acquisition of controlling interests
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization
  • Corporate finance and fundraising
  • Credit law, debt restructuring
  • Derivative instruments, asset securitization
  • Financial difficulty and insolvency proceedings
  • Corporate litigation