Our aviation law practice features the following areas of expertise :

Aircraft transactions and contracts :

  • Aircraft sale agreements
  • Leasing agreements : dry and wet leases
  • Aircraft charter agreements
  • Aircraft maintenance contracts
  • Spare parts supply agreements
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Aviation finance

Airlines :

  • Public sector and private sector airlines
  • Subsidiaries and representative offices
  • International labour law

Air transport :

  • Passenger transport
  • Cargo carriage

Distribution of aviation services :

  • General sales agents (GSA), sales agency agreements
  • Travel agencies, e-commerce
  • Billing and settlement plan (BSP-IATA)

Regulation and civil aviation authorities :

  • Air law and multilateral treaties
  • International civil aviation regulations (inc. ICAO)
  • International air transport regulations (inc. IATA)
  • Aircraft registration, airworthiness certificates
  • Air operator certificates (AOC)
  • Administrative regulations
  • Customs regulations

International sanctions and embargoes :

  • UN Security Council resolutions
  • US federal law, European community law
  • Contract suspension and termination claims

Aviation accidents

Dispute resolution :

  • International arbitration (inc. IATA rules)
  • Judicial and administrative litigation
  • Interim and conservatory measures, emergency proceedings
  • Technical expertises

Execution proceedings and aircraft backed securities :

  • Precautionary arrest and seizure of aircraft, actions in rem
  • Aircraft mortgages and privileges