Our practice has thirty years' experience of civil aviation and of the air transport industry, and has represented both State-owned and private sector airlines, as well as service and ground handling companies, travel agencies, and administrative authorities.

Our practice has advised airlines on various aircraft and fleet-related transactions, including aircraft acquisitions, leases, finance and maintenance operations. Our expertise also includes international safety regulations, aircraft registration, operator certifications and other administrative regulations. Besides fleet administration, our practice covers the distribution of aviation services, especially through GSAs and sales agency agreements.

Our aviation practice has also represented operators in litigation proceedings before State courts and arbitral tribunals (inc. IATA), and taken actions in rem, for the purpose of the precautionary arrest or the seizure of aircraft.

Our practice has also acted in major civil litigations involving aviation accidents and state-sponsored terrorist incidents, in particular within proceedings in the United States, in Europe and in the Arab world.

Finally, our practice provides an expertise in the field of international sanctions and embargoes, and has acted in several litigations involving UN Security Council resolutions, US federal law and European community law, with respect to contract suspension or termination claims.

Focus areas :

Our practice features the following substantive areas :

  • Aircraft transactions and contracts
  • Airlines
  • Air transport
  • Distribution of aviation services
  • Regulation and civil aviation authorities
  • International sanctions and embargoes
  • Aviation accidents
  • Dispute resolution
  • Execution proceedings and aircraft backed securities